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Our Mission

Rototuna Family Health Centre's mission is to provide personalised, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  We have created a practice that we believe in and would choose for our own family members.

Aiming to provide care for your whole family and empower everyone to focus on their own wellness and independence. We are committed to offering friendly quality services that acknowledge different cultures in a safe and respective manner that focus on preventing disease and promoting healthy lifestyles. We look to support the different needs of our individual patients and our entire enrolled population.

We offer highly skilled approaches to complex medical problems in an easily understood, friendly manner that maintains our patients’ integrity and independence.
We will treat people with empathy and respect by integrating clinical skills with up to date knowledge and an understanding of the humanity of our patients.
We ensure an accurate diagnosis and proactive management focusing on healing by integrating contemporary approaches to wellness. 

Feel free to come in and visit our friendly team at any time. 

Recent changes to the annual influenza immunisation programme have made vaccination more accessible to those at greater risk of complications from the disease. The Ministry of Health has extended the annual influenza programme until the end of December from this year onwards. This means those eligible for free vaccinations, including newly pregnant women, over 65s and children with a history of respiratory illness, can get their flu vaccine for free until the end of the year