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Meet Our Doctors

Dr Mohamed Bahr

I was born and trained in Egypt, finished medical school 1986 then did my cardiology degree.

After completing my degree I moved to Dubai for few years then came to New Zealand to work in Waikato Hospital, then moved to become General Practitioner.                          

I enjoy medicine, my hobbies are swimming and nature, I also enjoy hiking and reading. I'm father of 6 children and 9 grand children.

Dr Mohamud Osman

Greetings! My name is Mohamud Osman Somali born. Graduated from Otago medical school  class 2019. Worked in both Christchurch and Waikato Hospital. In waikato hospital I was Orthopaedic registrar. Than transitioned to community as GP trainee. 
My area of interest is musculoskeletal and minor procedures. 
I value compassion, effective communication and respect towards my patients. I am committed to collaborate , provide customized treatment plans that works best and understanding needs of my patients.
I speaks 3 languages Arabic, Somali and English. Love sport and devoted Arsenal supporter. 

Dr Umo Umoh

Dr Azira

Dr Ala Farah

Meet Our Nurses

Practice Nurse - Janice

My name is Janice, I have been working as a nurse more than twelve years.  

In my career I have only received positive feed back from my clients. 

I am originally form China and speak Mandarin.  

I’m very passionate about my job. 

In my spare time I love swimming and dancing. I'm married and have a lovely daughter.

Practice Nurse - Trina

My name is Trina and I am a registered Nurse with 25 years experience working in primary, community and hospital services.

A champion of person-centred care for people living with long term physical and mental health conditions.

Extensive experience in quality improvement.

A natural leader and skilled problem solver in the healthcare environment.

Meet Our Health Promoter

My name is Lili, originally from China.

I finished medical school in China in 2009 and have worked in the hospital as a physician for 10 years. I completed my Master’s degree in Human Performance Science at Wintec in 2022. Working as the clinic supervisor at Wintec Biokinetic Clinic equipped me with the practical experience from working with clients with chronic medical conditions. I am now a qualified and registered clinical exercise physiologist. It is always a huge encouragement for me to receive positive feedback from my clients and see the progress they have made during the journey.

I enjoy spending time with my family in my spare time. Swimming and cycling are my hobbies.

Meet Our Practice Management Team

Practice Manager - Aman

Empathy, agility, and hard work define me.   I am Muhammad Amanullah, a business graduate having extensive professional experience in managing and running business affairs.   

Currently doing my PhD in Entrepreneurship. 

Besides being an enthusiastic professional, I love spending time with my family. Travelling and socialising are my hobbies. 

Petra Khan - Receptionist 

Ola Talakai- Receptionist

Hajer Bahr - Receptionist